$50 burgers (should we worry about inflation?)

How much inflation can the country afford before we’re in trouble? Let’s discuss. First, let’s get on the same page about some basics. If you’ve noticed the price of a thing increasing over time (say, your favorite candy bar or the cost of college tuition), that’s inflation in action. Economists use the broad increase (orContinue reading “$50 burgers (should we worry about inflation?)”

Higher taxes in 2022?

More spending = higher taxes? That seems likely with a $2 trillion American Jobs Plan (that could eventually cost trillions more) on the table to bolster America’s crumbling infrastructure and invest in R&D.1 What could those tax hikes look like? Let’s consider the possibilities. Though President Biden committed to not raising taxes on folks earningContinue reading “Higher taxes in 2022?”

Rescue bill (what’s inside)

So, the next (final?) round of stimulus was signed into law by President Biden. Let’s dive in. The $1.9 trillion bill called the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes stimulus checks, child tax credits, jobless help, vaccine-distribution money, healthcare subsidies, and aid for struggling restaurants. What’s not inside? A higher minimum wage.  Here’s aContinue reading “Rescue bill (what’s inside)”

Biden’s pen (what’s in it for you)

I hope you’re well. After months of election uncertainty, Joe Biden was inaugurated as our 46th president, bringing the peaceful transfer of executive power that defines us as a democracy. President Biden’s pen has been busy, busy, busy so let’s dive into some new policies that could impact you. Student loan freeze: The Department of EducationContinue reading “Biden’s pen (what’s in it for you)”

Stimulus bill (what’s inside)

I’m dropping you a quick note about the new economic relief package that was just signed into law. What’s in the box? The rescue package includes:1 $600 direct payments to adults and dependent children An extra $300/week in unemployment benefits through at least mid-March 2021 $325 billion in small business aid Vaccine distribution funding FoodContinue reading “Stimulus bill (what’s inside)”

Frothy, Bubbly Stocks

Aaron Schuler, CDFA® here. I’m not writing to you about cappuccinos, champagne, or bubble bath. We’re talking stocks. You may have noticed that the shortest bear market in history is over, and markets recently hit new record highs. Will stocks keep going higher? Will they stay volatile? Is another bear market around the corner? Maybe.Continue reading “Frothy, Bubbly Stocks”

The Economy & Sharing Good News

Hi All! I hope you’re well. How’s your summer? In our world, we’ve been enjoying time with the kids and visiting family. With everything going on around the world, I’m grateful that we’re safe and well. I hope you are, too. So, what’s going on with the economy? Well, hopes for the “V-Shaped” recovery economistsContinue reading “The Economy & Sharing Good News”